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Help Save Small Businesses in California

Small businesses are being forced to close, restaurants are no longer allowed to serve customers on site and jobs are at risk. But we want you to know: we’re here for you.

Our mission is to connect business and customers so that California businesses do not merely survive, but thrive.

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What is

This website serves as a marketplace where people can find their favorite local business and support them. To list your business, you must be in a service industry that has been impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic. You will be able to list a link to your website and a link to your gift card page if you have one.

How it works for businesses

This is how restaurants and all California businesses can take advantage of it:

List your business

You'll get added exposure in the form of backlinks. Offering take out, delivery, curbside? Add it to your listing so people know about it!

List Your Business

Support for your servers

Whenever your patrons are having a meal or drink at home they can show their support to A service worker during their biggest time of need by "tipping" them.

Share with Your Servers

Promote your Gift Cards

If people can buy your gift cards online, make sure you add your link to your listing. This is a great way to add extra cash to your bottom line.

List Your Business

Gift Cards "Bonds"

If your physical operations is closed down at the moment, but you offer gift cards, we suggest you to promote them as much as you can to gain access to immediate financial relief provided by your own loyal customer base. The best way to accelerate the success of your gift cards program is to offer them as "bonds," where your customer will buy a gift cards at a discount, say, $75 for a $100 gift card. Imagine if you can sell 100 of these, that would be $7,500 added to your bottom line and $25 for each customer that buys a gift card from you. The "Bond" can be honored when your business is permitted to re-open to its full operational capacity in the near future.

Most service businesses have gift card features already set up on their websites or stores, however, if you don't already have it set up, we can help you get going in less than 72 hours with significant reduced costs.

How it works for consumers

These are times of great uncertainty, but, if we all band and stay together, we will be able to help keep California businesses open and, therefore, people working. Let's come together and keep California businesses open!

Continue ordering online

If you're a customer, the best way to show your support for your local businesses and community is to continue to dine out via online ordering and take-out orders. Click below to find your favorite business and order online.


Buy gift cards

This is a great way to pay it forward! For example, the choice to invest in a future meal gives restaurant owners something to work with in the interim and when things have settled down, celebrate with your gift card! Click below to find your favorite business and buy a gift card.


Tip a server

A lot of servers and other staff members have been laid off or have seen their hours greatly reduced. You can help by "tipping" them every time you have a meal or drink at home and show them your support during their biggest time of need.


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